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Raymond Macdonald

A newer resident of Kimberley and organizer of this year’s Apples & Art, Ray can be found in his Kimberley Church Basement Studio painting or sculpting. "Stretching line and colour to remove the boundaries of recognizable images" Ray attempts to engage the viewer in  the creative process.  This often results in an iterative exercise with the viewer and the artist often finding new or distinctively different imagery than the original work was meant to convey.


Paul Corfield

A resident of the Kimberley/Amik Community Paul often opens his studio near Talisman during the spring and fall studio tours available in the Grey County and surrounding area. Always eager to discuss his work and the local art scene we are again thrilled to be able to exhibit his work this year.  Visit Paul’s Studio during Grey Highlands summer and fall art tours.


Sarah Tacoma

From her home/studio in Kimberley Sarah works on her ethereal landscape photographs, distressing them, painting them and brushing them with beeswax.  As a documentary family photographer, she captures warm and emotional family moments. Her flair for finding light and moment and her ability to capture her subject is what sets Sarah's award winning photographs apart and we are fortunate to have her exhibiting again this year.

David Marshak

The Marshak/Tacoma Studio in Kimberley is a favourite stop on the many spring and fall artist studio tours through the area.  David is a widely followed and exhibited artist throughout the area and in Toronto.  We are excited to have David’s painting exhibited again in our show this year.

Ofra Svorai

A resident of Kimberley you will often find Ofra working in her Kimberley studio  on Grey Rd. 13.  Ofra participates regularly organizing spring and fall studio tours available in the Grey County and surrounding area.   Ofra’s painting can be seen in many galleries and shops in the Collingwood and Owen Sound area and we are again excited to exhibit another of our local artist’s work this year.


Frances Beatty

Frances Beatty is a classically trained photographer living in the Beaver Valley. From her home/studio in Kimberley, Frances can be found photographing weddings, portraits and the local landscape.  Her unique photographic eye, love of connecting with people and creative editing techniques are what sets Frances’ photographs apart.

Leslie Lacombe

Leslie creates sculptural jewellery in silver and gold while teaching many people in the area metalworking techniques and jewellery design though workshops and ongoing classes.  She participates regularly in local events and welcomes consultations at her new Clarksburg studio.  We are excited to be able to exhibit this local artist’s work this year.

Kate Esplen

A long time resident of the area Kate divides her time between Florida and her studio on Grey Rd. 7 and we are fortunate that she will again be able to exhibit with us in Apples & Art.  A talented artist she works in several mediums and her jewellery, painting and sculpture are well known to the residents of Grey Highlands.


Kate Esplen
Tanya Zaryski

Tanya has a foot firmly planted in both the worlds of art and fine craft.  Perhaps she is best known for her long landscape paintings depicting scenes from the Beaver Valley in various seasons.  She also is a glassblower and works with clay to make sculptural and functional works which ask to be incorporated into daily rituals and spaces.  More recently Tanya has begun to create found object sculptures, combining aged metal and wood components with glass and clay figurative pieces crafted in the studio.

Peter French

Peter French is an artist photographer who is fascinated by all aspects of nature and place. He uses watercolour, pastels and photography in a wide range of sizes and formats in his explorations of these concepts. Known internationally for his work in digital media he is now shifting to these more traditional media.

Colette Dionne

From her Toucan Art Studio in Bowles Hill Colette is a fixture in the local art scene and creates work in stone and fabric and most things in between. Colette participates regularly in local, national and international events and her work is available by appointment at her Toucan Studio.  We are excited to be able to exhibit this local artist’s work again this year.


Roisin Cadieux

Recently returned from Ireland back to her Copperewe Studio and Gallery in Kimberley Roisin has been very active in her Kimberley studio/residence  on Grey Rd. 13. Roisin’s work is always fresh and innovative and we are again excited to exhibit her work this year.

David Robinson

David has been busy putting work together for this year’s Apples & Art.  David can often be found in the Beaver Valley discussing local events and his art, engaging in colourful story telling or simply entertaining an audience at Friday night pizza at Justin’s Oven.  More recent exhibiting, with local artist Ofra Svorai, in Owen Sound and now again this year with Apples & Art have afforded David a renewed lust for the artist’s life.


Susan Cockburn

Recently relocated to Kimberley where she has her studio in the village, Susan is a self-taught artist who works in mixed media on birch panels. She is grateful and excited to be participating this year in what will be her first group show.


Bronwen Stanley Jones

Bronwen has a current studio space in Mount Forest.
Born in Toronto and raised in the countryside east of Peterborough, she returned to Toronto on an early Canada-wide scholarship for art.
Ms Stanley-Jones primary direction has become a line of portraiture respected for its energy and warmth, with family and corporate commissions over the past three decades. We are delighted to add her work to our exhibition this year.

Doug et al
Apples and Art Kimberely
Doug Galloway; Kate Civero; Lynne Brewer

still working and deep in thought ...


New artist

awaiting discovery ...






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